Enterprise Solutions

Scalable infrastructure, high availability, reduced costs and less downtime


Enterprise IT environments demand flexible and scalable infrastructure, high availability, reduced costs and less downtime.


Enterprise IT staff needs to provide faster provisioning of standardized application stacks, and new business services. Many enterprises are turning to a virtual private data center (private cloud) to maximize efficiency and reduce downtime.


The primary challenge


The primary challenge that Enterprise IT faces is the complexity of modern online applications. Application deployment must be drastically simplified for enterprise IT to have the flexibility to offer these services.


CA 3Tera AppLogic delivers Cloud computing infrastructure


CA 3Tera AppLogic is designed to eliminate the interlocking bindings between the actual hardware and software in an application to simplify application composition and deployment. This enables application owners to easily build their own cloud services while leveraging their existing code, skills and commodity hardware.


CA 3Tera AppLogic is a turnkey cloud computing platform that includes a cloud fabric, IP SAN, intuitive user interface, full application stacks, and catalogs of infrastructure components. End-users can reduce or eliminate the need for additional SANs, firewalls, load balancers, and other expensive hardware.


CA 3Tera AppLogic packages comprehensive applications into portable self-contained entities. By embedding hardware, software, application code and data into a self-contained, portable entity, CA 3Tera AppLogic enables enterprise IT to quickly compose, deploy, scale, migrate and manage complex online applications for their multiple internal customers.


Enterprises can Increase Efficiency


With CA 3Tera AppLogic enterprises can increases efficiency by removing the intensive process of application configuration, thus enabling application developers to quickly develop, test, and deliver new IT services to the enterprise.


With CA 3Tera AppLogic, enterprise developers can dramatically reduce the time it takes to deploy new services from months to hours and manage, move and scale them quickly and easily. Enterprise IT gains the flexibility to make the right business decisions and respond to new market opportunities, while increasing the efficiency of their resources and operations.